You don’t want your earring to go down the drain – Sink Stopper

Picture this

You get in from dinner and want to take your make up off. You remove your left earring and whoops; it slips into the sink. Delmn that costs a lot. Then you panic. What do I do?. Hope it doesn’t flush away? Where can I get a plumber? Oh he’ll charge me this! – *proceeds to cry*

Why go through that when you can get this product!

What is and Specs

This Bathroom Sink Stopper is a drain filter designed to fit most bathroom sink drains. It stops objects like hair, jewelry and earrings from entering your drain when they fall into the sink. It comes with three sizes of rubber rings to accommodate different drain hole measurements, ensuring compatibility with various sink setups.


  1. Built-in Strainer: This device is equipped with an anti-clogging basket filter to prevent debris such as hair, rings, jewelry, and dirt from clogging the sewer system.
  2. Bullet core plug: It features a bullet core plug suitable for drain hole sizes ranging from 1.1 inches to 1.5 inches (28mm to 38mm) in diameter. Offers enhanced convenience compared to traditional fixed-size sink stoppers. Eliminates the need to remove the stopper to drain water, simplifying the process.
  3. Premium Material: Constructed from durable stainless steel and brass materials to ensure longevity and resistance to rust, cracking, corrosion, and leakage. Provides a secure seal and efficient drainage with a single press, maintaining a perfect match with your sink.


  1. Fits Most Sinks: No need to stress about measurements! This stopper comes with three rubber rings in different sizes, so it fits almost any bathroom sink drain without the hassle.
  2. Adaptable Core Plug: Unlike old-fashioned stoppers with fixed sizes, this one has a clever core plug design. It adjusts to fit drain holes ranging from 1.1 inches to 1.5 inches wide, giving you more flexibility.
  3. Keeps Things Flowing: Say goodbye to clogs! The stopper has a built-in strainer with a basket filter that catches hair, jewelry, and other gunk before it causes a blockage.
  4. Easy Installation: No tools required! Just pop out the old stopper and insert this one – it’s that simple. Save time and effort with this hassle-free installation process.
  5. Built to Last: Made from sturdy stainless steel and brass, this stopper is built to withstand daily use. It won’t rust, crack, or leak, so you can count on it for years to come.
image of universal sink stopper catching a necklace
stop necklaces from falling into the drain again


  1. Versatile and Stylish: The sleek design fits seamlessly into any bathroom decor, adding a touch of modern elegance to your sink area.
  2. Efficient and Compact: The compact size ensures a snug fit in the drain, while the efficient design allows water to flow freely without any obstructions.


  1. Smooth Drainage: Enjoy smooth and efficient drainage every time. This stopper ensures water flows freely down the drain, preventing any backups or slow draining.
  2. Effective Clog Prevention: The built-in strainer does a fantastic job of preventing clogs. It catches hair, jewelry, and other debris, keeping your drains clear and reducing the need for costly plumbing repairs.
  3. Long-lasting Reliability: With its durable construction, this stopper is built to last. You can trust it to withstand daily use and maintain optimal performance over time, saving you money on replacements.

Final Thoughts

For me I’ll say good bye to missing million dollar earrings *wink* and chains and hello to plumber ‘inserts your name’.

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